Pray for Ukraine

Pray for Ukraine

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Florida was fantastic!
Forgive me if I don't mention every church we went to and everything we did but Florida was great. The Ukrainians had an amazing experience exploring the oceans during a couple of beach afternoons from the east side to the west side.

Northland Church was the biggest event so far of the tour. The KSOC was the special feature for music at all five of Northland's services over Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Then we had a special 1 hour long concert Sunday evening. Northland received us well and I am impressed with many of the ministries and people I saw at Northland. I had never been to a church of that magnitude before –it is huge. I was initially skeptic as to what this church would be like, but the longer I spent there the more I appreciated the projects for Christ it operated. The pastor's preaching was solid also. The church staff worked hard and the congregation was receptive to our Ukrainians. Thank you Northland Church. 

Northland has an incredible video team which recorded the worship service. If you are interested I have a Video Link for one of the services the KSOC was at. This is not a concert video –this is the entire worship service at Northland, which includes the KSOC performing.

At Northland we met many incredible people. I personally had many great adventures. Thank you to all the people I had a good time with.

Orlando was a great place to be. We got to stay at the same host families for three nights which was a special treat. On this long journey we have been staying at a new home every night. So it was a splendid bonus being able to not have to completely "pack up" every day.

Before we made it to Northland we had a series of great concerts throughout Florida. Each of the churches served us a fine dinner. I've met many fantastic people throughout this trip. Below are just a few pictures.

A welcome cake for our Ukrainians.

Please pray for the KSOC and our ministries back in Kiev, Ukraine. The tour will be ending soon. We have just five concerts left before heading home. Let them be glorifying to our King.

–Christopher Janzen

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