Pray for Ukraine

Pray for Ukraine

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Music Mission Kiev has a very vibrant widows ministry. Each week, we handout food packages to over 420 widows. This is truly a lifeblood for them The widows government pension is minuscule and is not enough to pay for utilities, food, and medicines. MMK also provides assistance for widows requiring medical aid.

Each week, MMK hosts Bible classes and church. Kim Janzen and Diane McMurrin each teach a class from a book of the Bible. Hundreds come weekly. Additionally, we have small group Bible lessons where we provide a hot lunch for those who come. We nourish the body, then nourish the soul. Our mission is very well rounded and provides for many needs. 

Many of the widows MMK serves express how grateful they are for the help. They tell us that before they came to our church they were depressed and bitter; but now they have joy with Christ in their life. MMK offers a safe encouraging community.

This is only part of the story. Many of our widows are so overjoyed with their new life in Christ that they want to serve God. They actively invite friends and strangers to our church, St. Paul's. They also deliver food packages to the homebound. It often takes several hours to get to one of the homebound homes –so this is a big commitment. Commonly, I hear widows tell stories of how they discovered MMK: "I was sitting on a park bench and somebody sat down next to me and invited me to the St. Paul's church. I decided to come and now I am so happy to know Christ. Thank you."

Sasha, pictured below, is an active member in the church. He reads scripture most Sundays at church. Astonishingly, he has memorized over 100 psalms. He never even completed high school. He is a great testimony to the studying of God's word.

Please consider helping us serve more widows each week. There are many widows which we would like to serve and many are coming to Christ. Just a couple months ago we had 80 people join our church.

Now that war is in Ukraine there is a new generation of young widows. MMK is expanding its ministry to help these young widows and their children. Many soldiers and civilians have been killed. We have many that we are helping.

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