Pray for Ukraine

Pray for Ukraine

Sunday, October 4, 2015

It has been a while since the last post, so this one shall have many pictures from many different churches. The Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus has been performing super well.  Some people are even driving several hours to be able to come to multiple concerts because they like the event so much. One man told me, "This is the best music you're gonna hear this side of heaven." People commend our concerts as being healing for the soul.

Below: St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC.

On September 27, 2015 we were in Troy, North Carolina at Trinity United Methodist Church. That concert was packed. A special thanks to Paul and Sophia who worked so hard to make the concert great. I have no photos of that concert because I was concentrating on filming it. I had a three camera system going that night so I am hoping to post some footage of that soon. The video should be really good.

The photos below came from Trinity Episcopal Church on our Sept 28, 2015 concert.
There was a good crowd this night, and the church sanctuary was beautiful.

After this concert we slept the night at our host families. The next morning we had a mega bus ride of about 8 hours to get to Beaufort, South Carolina.

Community Bible Church in Beaufort had organized a massive missions conference. I commend this Church for hosting a great event like this. It seemed to be well organized and the church staff were working hard with passion. I saw scores of volunteers being extremely helpful. The Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus was the special feature kickstarting the conference. This church really impressed me. This is a good example of a church that is generously striving for the Kingdom of Heaven.

The next morning the Ukrainians had a special treat. We went to the beach! It was a beautiful beach day with a high tide, sunshine, and partial shade from clouds. It almost could not have been better. The ocean air was fresh and lively, and the waves were fun to play in. The Ukrainian group had a great time. After having so many long drives and so many concerts this really was a treat.

That evening, the weeklong missions conference started with our concert. It was beautiful seeing many dozens of missionaries from that church standing on stage during the flag ceremony of the event. It was a great testimony to what it truly means to be a follower of Christ.

Following that fantastic event we went to Briarwood Presbyterian, in Birmingham, Alabama. Below are some nice pictures. Briarwood was a monstrous facility.

Please, I really want to stress how much of a big deal our concerts are. They are not merely an entertainment thing –they are much more. The music is great and people are so enthusiastic and encouraged afterwards. Many people have personally rejoiced to me about their gladness at attending. However, I would like to see larger audiences, especially at the supposedly bigger churches. I want to see the churches packed out to standing room. That is my dream here. You are Americans who care about those in need. So please invite your friends, invite people you know. This is a big deal. We need people to learn about our mission so that they can help grow the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you care about what our mission is doing, help get more people coming to the concerts. Church members need to be the leaders bringing people to the Kingdom of Heaven. That is what MMK and the KSOC desires. Our concerts are a great opportunity to invite friends to your church.

Share our Facebook page and Concert Schedule with others. Let people see our Music Mission Kiev website to learn about our mission. Check out our Youtube Channel to see some movies about the KSOC and our mission in Ukraine. Prompt yourself to be an active participant in the church.

People who volunteer to be host families are great examples of Christians from the early church who invited the apostles into their homes. Thank you so much to the generous host families who help contribute so much for our Ukrainians.

Our Ukrainian musicians are coming from a country that is undergoing Russian invasion. Over 1.5 million people have had to flee the battle zone. Yet, God is still in Ukraine. We are a light in the darkness. Our mission is responding by sending trucks with aid to help those who are hurting. We offer Bible lessons, we offer hope. We are helping supply hospitals and orphanages with supplies. We are helping widows. We have a vibrant church. This is just some of what we do. We are on the Samaritan road showing love to those who need it.

–Christopher Janzen.

Blessings in Christ.

Only love can defeat pride and pride is the enemy of love.

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